A Bit of a Write-Up and Another Date

Last Friday (17th) L D Brown was a special guest at Lancaster’s Spotlight.

The poetry of Emily Butt sent us on a rhythmic journey of social anxiety and insecure, internal monologues. A highlight was her poem depicting an attempted discussion of Sci-FI literature and Video Nasties with some strait-laced Shakespeare graduates. “Have you played Dead Space?” it concluded.

A gentleman called Peter played some Harmonica like you wouldn’t believe. The Delta Blues are alive, and they emerge every month at The Storey Institute.

Rob Muir took us into a world of pretentious Private Views and name-dropping. Jimmy Carr just wouldn’t shut up and MorGAN FreeMAN did not turn up, much to everyone’s disappointment.

Fee Fee Moy Moy are a folk duo who tell tales amongst a wonderful droning backdrop of guitars, hurdy gurdys and some other instruments which I had never seen before.

L D Brown might be returning to Spotlight in May.